This is a modification for the game Euro Truck Simulator2 and contains virtual companies, an economy closer to reality and landscape.

Included in the modification:

  • Revision of the route from the Rendsburger Cross to danish Border with the Rader high bridge; Downramp Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf and some companies to delivery or pick up goods; Downramp Schleswig/Schuby with the Schleswig-Schuby industrial area and the MTL-Company Headquarters; Downramp Flensburg/Niebüll with delivery Company in North of Flensburg, Mercedes Truckdealer and another delivery Company Flensburg-Handewitt where the Truck stop is also located; Truckstop to Muenchberg-North; Headquarters of Moser Int.Transport and logistics in Salzburg (Austria)
  • Edited freight prices that are closer to reality, as well as freight that was incorporated from American Truck Simulator
  • Garage prices that come closer to real prices for Land and Bulidings
  • 50% discount on fuel on all Garages
  • Company Paintjobs for Trucks and Trailers from MTL with color change option as well as Moser Int.Transport & Logistics
  • In combination with the GerTol-Mod the complete economy is completed. For example the toll for Germany´s roads or takin a credit.
  • Furthermore, the modification is compatible with various other Truck-Modifications.

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Rest Area at the Rader-Hochbrücke
The Rader-Hochbrücke, under Truck Driver calls „Radar-Hochbrücke“ because they make picture on it
Company by Borgstedt to Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
Industrial area in Büdelsdorf. The center of pressurewas used as a guid Druckzentrum
Downramp Schleswig-Schuby and Industriegebiet. Here are the Headquaters from MTL
vritual Company Yard from MTL with Warehouse
To Niebüll and Flensburg-Handewitt
Truckstop and Industry Area Flensburg-Handewitt
Truckstop Münchberg-Nord
Headquarter from virtual Company calls Moser Int.Spedition&Logistik
Adapted Frachtpreise
Edited Kredite with GerTol-Mod
Truck Paintjob from Company Moser
Trailer Paintjob from Moser
LKW-Lackierungen Company MTL

Mod-Version 1.554.02 for Game Euro Truck Simulator2 Version

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